Cholesteatoma is a growth or skin cyst that is located in the middle ear or mastoid bone. Sometimes it’s present at birth, but more commonly, it develops as a larger complication of chronic ear problems. This cyst can continue to grow, which can lead to larger issues like hearing loss, dizziness, chronic infections, balance problems, and drainage from the affected ear.

Surgical removal is usually the best course of action with cholesteatoma, and most are removed through a small incision behind the affected ear, but some can be removed through the ear canal itself.

Once surgery is complete, you may be asked to visit our office from time to time so that we can conduct an ear cleaning. Further, cholesteatomas can reoccur, so additional surgery may be required.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms that resemble cholesteatoma, and would like a further examination with Dr. Daniel Roberts, our hearing and balance expert, please call us (860) 493-1950 or visit our patient portal to request an appointment.