Head & Neck Lesions & Tumors

Many patients can become upset, anxious, or nervous when they notice or feel growths or lumps in the Head & Neck region. We are proud to offer the expertise of Drs. Gregory Bonaiuto, Clinton Kuwada, Carl Moeller, Timothy O’Brien and Akshay Patel. Our highly skilled physicians professionally treat Head & Neck lesions of all kinds including skull base tumors, tongue lesions, vocal cord lesions and polyps, and sinus tumors.

Skull Base Tumors

These types of tumors usually originate at the base of the skull. They tend to grow near the nerves, veins and blood vessels of the head and neck. Although the majority of these tumors are found inside the skull, it is possible for them to grow outside of the skull.

Due to the slow-growing nature of these tumors, most patients do not realize they have one until it has grown fairly large and has placed pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the head and neck. Some symptoms of skull base tumors include decreased sense of smell, headaches, trouble hearing, vision changes, loss of equilibrium, and difficulty breathing and/or swallowing.

Tongue Lesions

Many tongue lesions are fairly harmless and can occur when you accidentally bite or burn your tongue. They can also be caused by an infection. Though most lesions go away on their own, lesions and sores that last longer than two weeks should be examined by a physician.

Symptoms of tongue lesions include bleeding inside the mouth, inflamed taste buds, open wounds on the tongue, sore or painful tongue, or swollen tongue or lymph nodes.

Vocal Cord Lesions/Polyps

Vocal cord lesions and polyps are abnormal growths on one or both of the vocal cords and are primarily discovered due to changes in the voice, pain, or trouble talking.
Symptoms of a vocal cord lesion can include changes in the voice, constant throat clearing, hoarseness and pain, or difficulty talking.

Sinus Tumors

Sinus Tumors are located in the sinus passages. These tumors are rare and usually only affect individuals over the age of 45. Symptoms of a sinus tumor include abnormal growths or lumps on the face, ear pressure, enlarged lymph nodes, nosebleeds, facial numbness, sinus pain, persistent nasal congestion, vision changes, and facial swelling.

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